McAfee Total Protection for Data Loss Prevention: Product Overview

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There are a few Major Companies offering items for big business for Data Loss Prevention and Intel is one of the individuals who offers McAfee Security.

It is a mind boggling suite which comprises four unmistakable information misfortune avoidance devices that can be sent on equipment or the virtual apparatuses. The information misfortune avoidance devices suite may incorporate McAfee DLP Monitor, McAfee DLP Discover, McAfee DLP Endpoint or McAfee DLP Manager. The four unmistakable information misfortune counteractive action apparatuses that can be conveyed on equipment or the virtual machines are examined underneath:-



It is a system apparatus based device. Checking and controlling delicate data that can be sent utilizing either Switched Port Analyser ports or system taps.

It works for Monitoring and controlling touchy data which can be effortlessly sent.

This item essentially tracks and report the touchy information in movement on ongoing premise.

It is a system apparatus which is fit for identifying more than 300 substance sorts traveling over the TCP-based port or its convention.

It can order the substance up to 200 Mbps.

The apparatus is accessible in two routes as either by equipment based McAfee Data Loss Prevention 5500 machine or as a VMware virtual machine one.



It is an information very still revelation apparatus which is equipped for checking and identifying more than 300 substance sorts in a wide range of methods for record archives or its plan.

It underpins Microsoft Office reports, interactive media documents, source code, outline records, chronicle documents or any encoded records.

Its capacity incorporates checking of regular document storehouses.

It’s likewise fit for checking Microsoft SQL, Oracle, DB2 and MySQL databases for any touchy data.

This apparatus based instrument is accessible as both the two ways which were talked about McAfee DLP Monitor.



It is an information which can be utilized as a part of observing and control of DLP instrument which underpins Windows 7 SP1 and 8 and Mac OS X.

This item is fundamentally conveyed and overseen utilizing McAfee ePO.

It can be obtained independently from the McAfee Data Loss Prevention suite moreover.



The McAfee Data Loss Prevention Manager machine is fundamentally the focal controller for the entire McAfee Total Protection for Data Loss Prevention suite

It is the incorporation point for the McAfee ePO server.

It can likewise be utilized to control or select McAfee Data Loss Prevention apparatuses, McAfee Data Loss Prevention Manager must be utilized with McAfee ePO to control the McAfee Endpoint.

The Data Loss Prevention Manager enables associations to oversee up to 39 McAfee Data Loss Prevention segments or to see all occurrences created by McAfee Data Loss Prevention parts.

Looks and reports for all McAfee Data Loss Prevention parts can be produced through the DLP Manager.


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